Rest: Recharging After A Long Week

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Its been a busy week at work, you’ve been under pressure to meet deadlines and you have not been sleeping well. Your body is threatening to shutdown and this feeling is very frustrating. I have felt this every end of the week, but I do find ways to recharge.

Here are a few tips that have been working for me and have made my weekends relaxing.


This goes without saying, a tired body requires a good and refreshing sleep. Get quality sleep and allow your body cells to recharge. If you have trouble sleeping, you can consider taking a warm cup of tea of your choice or water. These have been proven to help in soothing and calming the body.


Taking a warm shower helps in relaxing your body muscles. Science has proven that showering helps one obtain healthy sleeping patterns. It is also linked to the production of the hormone serotonin, a hormone that helps in stabilizing our moods. One can also consider soaking in the tub for 30-40 minutes. Add a little bit of essential oils and you are good to go. The components from essential oils get into your body through their scents or absorption by your skin.

Incorporating essential oils is beneficial since they help in:

  • improving sleep quality
  • soothing sore joints
  • alleviating headaches, migraines and stress
  • fighting of bacteria, fungi and viruses
  • boosting the immunity

Isn’t this a good package to get you back on your feet?


I know you probably don’t want to hear this because you are already tired, but exercise really helps in relaxing. This is majorly beneficial if you are mentally tired. Exercising boosts your blood flow and that is good for the brain. Improved blood flow allows for enough oxygen transportation to your brain and we all want this, a well oxygenated brain.

Exercising also leads to the production of endorphins also known as feel good hormones. They also help in boosting one’s mood.


Relaxing for me is having a warm cup of cocoa, a smooth blanket and a good binge watch session. One can also take time just lying on the bed without doing anything, switch off their phone and indulge in activities that are fun for them.

You can go to the spa, have a mani-pedi session, go shopping, cook your favourite meals, listen to your favourite music among many things. Whatever makes you feel relaxed, go for it.

Wear comfortable clothes

You’ve been dressing up for work and it can be exhausting. Take time to wear those sweatpants or pyjamas that you don’t want anyone to see you in. It is very relaxing and your body deserves to breathe once in a while.


Our bodies deserve a lot of tender, love and care for all the work we put them through. They will serve us better if we show them some love.

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